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We got our first golden retriever over 16 years ago and our hearts have never been the same.
We have been breeding golden's for over ten years. 

Our golden's are raised on our farm in Mt. Gilead, Ohio on over 10 acres of land.

Mason is our boy and 9 years old.  He was born here on the farm.  We had both his parents here and also his grandma. 

Maya and Savannah were also born here on our property from a female we had named Brandi.  They are seven and sisters.   We are no longer bredding Maya.  We lost Savannah last year.

Madison (Maddy) is two and looks just like her mom Maya but lighter.

Izzy is the daughter of Savannah and Mason and born here on our property.  Izzy is six years old.

Paper is the daughter of Izzy and is very light colored.  She is two years old.

Maggie is three and my husband Rick's baby.  She has her own way of doing things.  We love her. She is very red.  Maggie is three.  We are no longer breeding Maggie.

Brutus is two.  He is a big boy and red.  He is the son of Maggie.

Lilly is the daughter of Savannah and Mason and has a mohawk (or hunters crest between her eyes).  She is dark red.  Lilly is two years old.